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Na Wetti Records! Who Are We?

Music Producers and Sound Makers

Besides working for professionally established musicians, singers and animators, Na Wetti Recording Studio and Record label is a special arts promotion initiative that aspires to build and promote musical talents of city youths, and enhance their dreams of becoming famous musicians. It draws its creative inspiration and conception from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), under the community development organisation – MAHSRA

The business and humanitarian initiative also runs yearly awards to inspire and promote up-coming musical talents among urban and rural community youths, wherein the best, or the winners are automatically produced and marketed under the record label.

Na Wetti Records also provide lessons and simple secrets or tips of producing professional music; thus, breaching the West and Central African regional barriers faced in promoting musical products because of the cultural diversities in both regions. Na Wetti Records, guides armature or aspiring singers and/or musicians in the production of high quality music. We promote all Nawetti productions across vast online networks in order to enhance our artists’ visibility and public appreciation.

Na Wetti Studio takes care and quality responsibility of its productions - Tagged: “If it’s not good then it’s not released

A pertinent aspect about the Na Wetti musical production initiative is in the fact that, it encourages its artists to show compassion and care to most unfortunate persons within our societies. Via our Humanitarian Arm,  we periodically organise visits to care for sick people, detainees, orphans and as well, support other community development programs especially with respect to the empowerment of vulnerable women, and upholding rights of the marginalised. 

To make music with the Na Wetti recording studio and our record label initiative is to promote real societal humane values which go a long way to build and improve on the musical talents of our artists by grace. 

We are professionals, we are qualified, and we are ready to give the public the best of musical wonders

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Our Events

Record Label Launching

NaWetti event launching was a double phased objective achievement. In one part, the recording studio was presented with tagg: "If Its not good, then its no released" and in the other, the Na Wetti Fashion Initiative came to light with the tag “Looking Good and Blessing an Orphan”.

Talent Award

In view to promote young up-coming talents, Na Wetti Records organises annual Awards to chose and produce the best of the bests singers

street credibility

In order to approach and be in realistic contact with our artists audiences and other local populations, Na Wetti records organises and encourages street shows/concerts.


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