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January 1, 2016, Bamenda regional hospital

January 1, 2016. Na Wetti crew at the Bamenda Regional Hospital. New Year day with the On-bed Sick

As part and parcel of Na-Wetti’s operational goal which falls in line with MAHSRA’s working objectives, on a very sensitive day such as the 1st of January 2016, a team of Na-Wetti’s workers and supporters visited the Bamenda central hospital.

The mission of the group was to show concern and care for the unfortunate persons who did not have the same privileges like others.

The Tuberculosis section of the hospital was chosen.

The end of year period and especially Christmas and New Year days as we all know, are special festive periods. During this period, while some take time to give thanks to the Almighty for yearly mercies, some suck themselves in alcohol and other festive lusts.  

Na-Wetti believes that, feasting is a great thing during this period but not without a thought of our brotherly care on others.

  •  Have they also eaten? 
  •  Is someone taking care of them?
  •  Do they deserve to feel left-out?
  • Is it their fault that they cannot enjoy like others?

No matter how we feel and live, Nawetti believes that if we should find ourselves in positions that we can give and receive festive favours from family and peers then, there is also need for us think of those who are unfortunate to do so.

Nawetti believes in Meritocracy, equal opportunity and social justice

MAHSRA designed it as Building Karmic Fate.

Na Wetti eeeeh?

We approach, We listen, We teach and We learn.

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