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Reasons for Partaking in Na Wetti Awards

2017 Awards

7 reasons why young upcoming artists and talented singers should register for the Na Wetti Awards 2017

  1. It is organized by dedicated, serious and willful promoters for youthful creativity towards ascertaining social progress for positive sustainable development objectives.
  2. It automatically builds an online profile for registered artists including their songs that they intend to use for the competition and as such, allows friends, family, community and the world at large to listen and appreciate it.
  3. It is inclusive and provides categories which everyone can participate and hope to win a trophy.
  4. It institutes largely recognized winners’ attestations and pulls in major business entity that support and encourage youthful talent.
  5. It is born to build musical talents promotion partnerships with new Na Wetti recording studio and label.
  6. It will showcase the city’s youths’ talents to major sponsors and talent seeking business

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