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Welcome to Our Record Label

Na Wetti Records is a special arts promotion initiative that aspires to build and promote the musical talents of city youths and their dreams of becoming famous musicians.

Cedric Sound Producer
Sound Producer

Konfor Cedric  alias Sunny Clip

Already recorded more than 130 artists and with over 200 sound tracts including live instrumental effects and audiovisual spots.

Listen to his Latest Tracks

Karen Yenla alias Karen Twist

Gospel artists and chorister, have recorded/sang in more than 50 tracts.

Watch & Listen me Sing

Ajama Jireh.

Renowned Afro-beats dancer with a tract record that includes over 200 performances in musical video clips, and closed and open-air concerts. 

Watch me Dance

Our Numbers are Speaking

One Million +

Viewing and Listening

Hundred Thousand +


Ten Thousand +


Hundred Thousand +


Na Wetti Records! Bringing to you Life-Love & Light in Music

Na Wetti Records aims at providing lessons and simple secrets or tips of producing professional music; breaching the promotional West and Central African regional barriers musicians are facing because of the cultural diversities in both regions; guiding armature or aspiring singers and/or musicians in the production of high quality music; and promoting all its productions across a very vast online network to enhance its artists’ visibility and public appreciation.

Our Events

Na Wetti Awards

Browse our menu on About Us and find Na Wetti Awards under the events sub-menu.

Street Credibility

View our gallery on former Nawetti performances and perceive our magic in street credibility in street shows.

Na Wetti Records Studio Launch

Visit our about us menu and move to events to see and read-on the Nawetti records launch event.

Our Gallery Leads


Young singer produced at Na Wetti recording studio.

NaWetti Model presenting HATOW

Hands Together for Orphans and Widows event 

Na Wetti artists crew
NaWetti Artist CREW

Former Na Wetti Artists rocking city streets and governing show-bizz

Caravan, Na Wetti Awards 2016
Na wetti awards

Street credibility and governance: Na Wetti rocking, ruling, and leading.

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